Oh wow.

Hello nonexistent viewers, Cythos here.

Man, a lot of time has passed since I never posted. I made this account about 4 years ago now. It has been one hell of a journey those four years have been. No longer a violist, working in a physics research lab, learning to code my first game.


Well, at least I made it through high school.

I’ll be posting updates to my game here, although I probably won’t post for several months, maybe years. If I even remember I still have this account then. I’m surprised this domain didn’t get kicked after all this time. At least I have it now.

I’m currently working on learning C# for monodevelop/unity engine. It’s a bit tough, tough, really quite hard. The concepts behind coding aren’t difficult but it’s not clicking very nicely in my brain. For the mass amount of information out on the internet, there’s really very few resources for just starting out without encountering that gigantic wall which is the first step.

But, I’m doing it right now. Just learning the basics of C#; syntax, variables, methods, etc. The book I’m using is certainly helping out.

I’ll be posting some game journal stuff that I’ve been holding onto for a little while. The idea I have in my head is far different from what I had originally brewing inside. It went from an action/schmup/stealth to a story-driven stealth concept. While I’m working on this concept on pen/paper, I’m just going through the basics of coding. Hopefully, they’ll eventually coincide and I’ll have something working.

We’ll see.

About MrCythos

I'm a physicist, learning to code, playing music. I think I've done my young self well.
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