Update: Motorola Atrix Lapdock

I got all the cables and the lapdock itself. Excitedly, I plugged in the cables and it worked. Small screen though, very small. I’ve been using a 23 inch monitor for the past several months so trying to read text in an 11 inch screen with several times the pixel density, it wasn’t easy to adjust to.

But (there’s always the but) the hdmi connection on the lapdock itself is faulty. Curses. I guess this is a lesson about buying used products from ebay. But this was an interesting experiment which worked briefly. And seeing as how buying another lapdock would only be 60* dollars, I’m tempted to purchase another one. But I think impulsively purchasing one may be a bad idea. I could always take the lapdock apart and splice the hdmi cables to get it to work, but that may be a bit too much effort for me. At least, right now.

*It seems the price has fallen even further to a measely 45… Agh, the decisions.

Edit: I purchased another one, not “used” this time. Hopefully it goes better and I can take documentation.

About MrCythos

I'm a physicist, learning to code, playing music. I think I've done my young self well.
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