Well, it’s been a month.

Hey there everyone. It’s been a while and I haven’t posted anything despite my saying otherwise in a previous post.

I’ve become much more busy dealing with both school, work and now family. It has become extremely hard for me to work on any blogging now. But I can inform you guys of the progress I’ve made concerning my new year resolutions.

As for resolution #1, to lose 20-30 pounds, it’s going extremely well. I started using myfitnesspal to count Calories and I have lost 15 lbs already. The website says that I am currently eating at a 1000 Calorie deficit and should be losing 2 lbs a week but I think the excess loss is due to my inability to properly calculate my Calorie expenditure. It’s difficult for my to properly gauge how much I’m exercising due to my busier and more physically demanding schedule. I’m assuming that I am probably at a much more higher deficit that is being recorded. But I’m happy that I’ve lost such a significant amount of weight and intend to lose much more weight than originally intended. From here I plan to lose 26 lbs more (and maybe even more).

Resolution #2 hasn’t exactly gone as well as planned… I began this month by trying out the C25K program. A simple workout program which helps people go from sitting on the couch (C) to (2) running 5 kilometers (5K). And I managed to keep doing this for about 2 weeks. That is until the workout intensified and I realized that my calves began to either cramp to hard or begin to tear after an extended workout session. It seems that I won’t be running a marathon this year after all. I’m really quite depressed about this as I’ve always wanted to be able to run. As a child I’ve always been unable to run due to lung issues and general improper health. So learning that I’ll probably never be able to overcome this one failing in my life is unfortunate.

Fortunately however, I have begun to do body weight workouts. Which are not easy to say the least. But I can feel myself becoming stronger. I managed to do my first pull up a couple days ago and now I can do a few in a row. I know it will take me a long time to fully develop these muscles that have never been exercised but already, I can feel them growing. Although I can feel that my muscles are exhausted after a workout, seeing that I am making real progress is assuring.

And the final resolution, to finish learning c++. That has not exactly gone to plan either. Instead I will be jumping into c#. I can detail the reasons why here but I think it will be for the better and I am making decent progress in doing so. Most of the programming principles remain the same across languages and the only thing that really changes is syntax. So I know that what I’ve learned in c++ can be transferred to c#.

So that’s been my first month of this year so far. A couple of ups and downs but I’m feeling better, more so than usual.

On a sidenote. I’ve pre-ordered my first game/console. The Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, New Nintendo 3DS bundle. Terrible name for the new 3DS but I’m excited to play with the few friends that I’ve made last year. I hope everyone reading is doing ok and I’ll try to post whenever I can.

About MrCythos

I'm a physicist, learning to code, playing music. I think I've done my young self well.
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